This page is based on the page Map ideas of the Open Arena wiki. suggest here the maps you want to play in ACR.

  • waterface (something similar to face but with water instead space
  • volcano (a mountain reaching the map ceiling)
  • port of FreeDM maps :
    • fdm1
    • fdm2
    • fdm3
    • fdm4
    • fdm5
    • fdm6
    • fdm7
    • fdm8
    • fdm9
    • fdm10
    • fdm11
    • fdm12
    • fdm13
    • fdm14
    • fdm15
    • fdm16
    • fdm17
    • fdm18
    • fdm19
    • fdm20
    • fdm21
    • fdm22
    • fdm23
    • fdm24
    • fdm25
    • fdm26
    • fdm27
    • fdm28
    • fdm29
    • fdm30
    • fdm31
    • fdm32
  • aggresor (from OA)
  • ctf_compromise (from OA)
  • ctf gate1 (from OA)
  • czest2ctf (from OA)
  • ps37ctf (from OA)
  • oasago (from OA; I suggest call the ACR version acr_oasago)
  • hydronex (from OA)
  • acr_bases (ACR counterpart of the OA maps oa_basesX)
  • acr_paradis (contain two main part, one that look like an heaven and one that look like a paradise. It will make punny the name of the map because the French word paradis mean both heaven and paradise)

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